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"A really great FLV player and converter. It does not just play FLV videos, but convert other formats and then display them with templates. I LOVE it!"

-Simon Rickard

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Web FLV Player Free


Web FLV Player Free is a free FLV Player which can play all flash videos with .flv extension.

With Web FLV Player Free, you can watch any flash videos on hard drive downloaded from online video sharing websites such as YouTube, Google, Nicovideo, etc, smoothly without buffering time, or play flash video by opening URL of FLV movie like http://www.web-flv-player.com/sample.flv.

Web FLV Player Free gives you full control to customize the style of the FLV player including control panel, slider, button, buffer, time, slide background and more.

Web FLV Player Free can also help you to embed flash video into HTML and publish flash video to web page.


play flv video
Play multiple flash videos easily

This free FLV player also comes with a playlist window as well. Through this playlist, users can add flash video FLV files in batch, and watch them without loading FLV again and again manually after the previous one is finished. This free FLV Player supports playing FLV flash video files under the original size, or double size, or full screen, very flexible.

customize flv player
Customize the style of free FLV player

With Web FLV Player Free, you have the full control to customize the style of how it plays flash videos. Control panel, slide color, button color, buffer slide color, time color, buffer background, etc can be fully customized. Control panel position can be either on the top or at the bottom of the flash video. You can also hide or show control panel as you like, or show control panel only when mouse hovers on. Time duration of the FLV flash videos can be also hiden.

control flv
Control FLV playing actions easily

With Web FLV Player Free, you can easily control the playing actions of FLV flash videos. You can set buffer time before playing FLV flash videos. You can also decide whether to automatically play FLV flash videos at the beginning or repeat at the end.

Inject FLV metadata
Inject FLV metadata

This free FLV player can help you to inject FLV metadata so that your FLV flash videos published on website can be initialized quicker and smoother. Web FLV Player Free can put the appropriate metadata in the header of the FLV flash videos.

Associate .flv files
Associate .flv files

You can use Web FLV Player Free as your default flash video player by associating .flv files. Once .flv files is associated with this free FLV player, you can double-click on any FLV flash videos and flash video will be automatically opened by Web FLV Player Free.

Publish flash videos
Publish flash videos to web pages

Web FLV Player can also embed FLV flash video in a SWF player and create HTML page with FLV embedded which helps you to post flash videos in your own website easily. You need to upload the .FLV file and .SWF file in the output folder of web FLV player to your own website server, then copy and paste the HTML code shown in the output HTML file into your own web page. Please note the correct path of the .FLV and .SWF files on your own server if you don't use the default path.

The style of free FLV player and FLV playing actions can be saved in published HTML file. So you can play flash videos as you like.

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