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News: DVD Photo Slideshow Version 7.92 adds some new features

Updated on January 18, 2008


New features for Version 7.92: (Updated on January 18, 2008)

1.Adds options to change the background color and playback time for the introducing video and credits.

2.Fixes bug concerning program error when the temporary folder is a network drive.

3.Fixes bug concerning the error prompt message for Japanese and Chinese version.


New features for Version 7.91: (Updated on December 20, 2007)

1.Increases photo encoding quality for better DVD video output.

2.Fixes bug concerning not all photos are playback for the slideshow.

3.Fixes bug concerning added art clips are not burned onto the CD/DVD disc.

4.Fixes bug concerning original file folder cannot be created when the AnvSoft burning engine is selected.


New features for Version 7.90: (Updated on December 03, 2007)

1.Adds option to automatically play back slideshow after DVD menu is over.

2.Refines the encoding engine for better Pan&Zoom performance and faster encoding speed.

3.Fixes bug concerning the ending part of video clip is blank when Album Title and Album Credit are added.


New features for Version 7.80: (Updated on November 06, 2007)

1.Fixes bug concerning "Out of range" error when generating DVD menu.

2.Fixes bug concerning program error when generating M2V temporary files..

New features for Version 7.79: (Updated on October 25, 2007)

1.Increases preview speed for high-resolution monitor.

2.Fixes bug concerning program error when installed Flash Control version is less than 9.00.

3.Fixes bug concerning program exits for some photos with special file formats.

4.Fixes bug concerning blank burned disc for AnvSoft burning engine.

New features for Version 7.78: (Updated on October 16, 2007)

1.Supports adding video clips for variable video output formats.

2.Adds options of "Scale to fit" and "Scale to fill" for photo stretching model.

3.Fixes bug concerning previous text properties cannot be stored for the "Photo Configuration" dialog window.

New features for Version 7.77: (Updated on September 30, 2007)

1.Fixes bug concerning burning error when original photos are included with AnvSoft burning engine.

2.Fixes bug concerning burning error when temporary folder name includes non-English characters.

New features for Version 7.76: (Updated on September 26, 2007)

1.Adds more GPL/LGPL license notices.
2.Fixes some minor bugs.

New features for Version 7.75: (Updated on September 15, 2007)

1.Fixes bug concerning file errors for some video formats.

2.Adds GPL/LGPL legal notices.

New features for Version 7.73: (Updated on September 05, 2007)

1.Supports video files without audio track.

2.Fixes bug concerning Windows Media Player cannot play MPG video files after the program is installed.

3.Fixes bug concerning program does not start-up when the Temporary folder is set to external removable drive.

4.Fixes bug concerning file error for MP4 video output.

New features for Version 7.71: (Updated on August 02, 2007)

1.Adds the "Enable DVD Padding Mode" option for faster DVD burning speed.

2.Fixes bug concerning program error for some video output formats.

3.Fixes other minor bugs.

New features for Version 7.70: (Updated on July 22, 2007)

1.Supports adding video clips with all popular video formats;

2.Adds a DVD menu template with dynamic Flash effects;

3.Fixes some minor bugs.

New features for Version 7.60: (Updated on April 02, 2007)

1.Adds menu option of "Reset Recent File List";

2.Modifies the Options dialog window;

3.Fixes some minor bugs.

New features for Version 7.58: (Updated on March 11, 2007)

1.Supports previewing on 16:9 TV model.

2.Increases display quality for photo preview.

3.Fixes bug concerning black frame on the 16:9 TV model.

New features for Version 7.56: (Updated on March 05, 2007)

1.Supports trimming sound annotation.

2.Supports copy/paste Pan&Zoom starting and ending position.

3.Fixes bug concerning annotation does not synchronize with photo slides in the burned disc.

4.Fixes bug concerning thumbnail orders might be changed after changing file folders.

5.Fixes bug concerning photo slides does not change when the original photos are modified by third-party photo editor software.

New features for Version 7.55: (Updated on February 10, 2007)

1.Cool! Adds Web Album output for web slideshow.

2.Fixes bug concerning photo display synchronizes with annotation.

3.Fixes bug concerning MPEG file output error when Album title contains illegal characters.

4.Fixes bug concerning program error when output folder does not exist for Image ISO output.

New features for Version 7.52: (Updated on February 02, 2007)

1.Increases slideshow quality for MPEG and MPEGII output formats;

2.Fixes bug concerning memory leak for customizing background of DVD menu.

New features for Version 7.50: (Updated on January 18, 2007)

1.Supports customizing the background of dynamic DVD menu.

2.Supports previewing when editing photos.

3.Some minor bugs fixed.

New features for Version 7.40: (Updated on December 16, 2006)

1.Supports setting starting and ending position to customize Pan&Zoom effects for individual slide.

2.Faster encoding and burning engine.

New features for Version 7.36: (Updated on December 05, 2006)

1.Adds four cool dynamic DVD menu templates

2.Fixes bug concerning some texts does not show correctly in the 16:9 TV model.

3.Fixes bug concerning temporary files could not be deleted when TEMP folder is the root directory.

4.Fixes bug concerning slideshow quality is decreased when Theme is added.

5.Fixes bug concerning program error or freezing when previewing DVD menu and trying to close program, create new project.

6.Fixes bug concerning program crash when double-clicking project file in File Explorer after burning procedure starts.

7.Fixes bug concerning program error when DVD menu templates could not be loaded.

8.Fixes bug concerning burning procedure could not be cancelled after burning procedure starts.

9.New features for Version 7.35: (November 20, 2006)

10.Fixes bug concerning added background music is replaced by the default music or "Error while multiplex audio and video" for some added music.

11.Fixes bug concerning DVD burning error for some system environments.

12.Fixes bug concerning Windows Media Player cannot playback MPEG files after the program is installed.

13.Fixes bug concerning generated AVI files cannot payback on Windows Media Player.

New features for Version 7.34: (November 16, 2006)

1.Adds running instance detector to avoid running the program more than one times.

2.Refines the internal TreeView object to synchronize the TreeView panel with the ListView panel.

3.Fixes bug concerning popup window with "GetOneFrameBuffer Error".

New features for Version 7.33: (November 09, 2006)

1.Refines burning engine by avoiding some file operation errors.

2.Fixes bug concerning burning error when burning again after encoding is cancelled.

New features for Version 7.32: (November 06, 2006)

1.Adds video encoding option to choose video quality.

2.Supports importing additional DVD menu templates from different file folders.

3.Fixes bug concerning preview error for some photos.

4.Fixes bug concerning background music is default or no music.

5.Fixes bug concerning program error when selecting SVCD or VCD as output format.

New features for Version 7.30: (October 27, 2006)

1.Refines video encoding engine: faster and more efficient.

2.Adds a URL link for more DVD menu templates.

3.Fixes some minor bugs.

New features for Version 7.23: (October 25, 2006)

1.Fixes the bug concerning program exit if saving project error.

2.Fixes the bug concerning false alarm from some anti-spyware tools.

New features for Version 7.22: (October 20, 2006)

1.Supports more output formats such as MPEGI, MPEGII, MPEG-4, MP4 for iPod, PSP, 3GP cellular phone, FLV , XVid AVI, AVI, video formats for Anrchos, Creative Zen Vision, iRiver PMP 100, YouTube, MySpace.

2.Adds more DVD menu templates, album themes and text effects.

3.Supports detecting user Windows system, DirectX and Media Player versions.

4.Fixes bug concerning memory leaking for some computer systems.

5.Fixes bug concerning burning error when subtitle is added.

6.Fixes bug concerning some music formats could not be added to slideshow.

New features for Version 7.15: ( September 16, 2006)

1.Add more than 40 Cool! special effects for photo text.

New features for Version 7.12: ( September 15, 2006)

1.Adds more album themes and DVD menu templates.

2.When general options are modified, they will apply to the current project.

3.Fixes the bug concerning only default music works for photo album or DVD menu.

4.Other minor bugs fixed.

New features for Version 7.11: ( September 08, 2006)

1.More art clips such as dialogue bubble, Christmas special, etc.

2.Fixed the bug: some music files could not be added to photo album.

New features for Version 7.10: ( Updated on August 31, 2006)

1.Add 50 more cool transition effects.

2.Add a Pan&Zoom option when a long photo duration time is selected.

3.Fix the bug: Some transition effects are not shown on slideshow preview.

4.Fix the bug: Saved project could not correctly store the added titles and credits for some album themes.

5.Fix the bug: Some registered users still get the AD slide in the end of the slideshow.

New features for Version 7.05: ( Updated on August 25, 2006)

1.Add transition setting buttons to list all or some transitons.

2.Refine the Smart-burning engine.

3.Fix the bug of null project file after saving.

New features for Version 7.04: ( Updated on August 19, 2006)

1.Fix bug of text adding.

2.Fix bug of setting transition effects subset.

New features for Version 7.03: ( Updated on August 16, 2006)

1.New Graphic User Interface (GUI).

2.Support voice recording for photo slides.

3.Support trimming background music and synchronizing music to individual slide.

4.Add timeline control to customize individual slide for Audio/Photo synchronization.

5.Support auto-synchronizing photo and audio.

6.Support setting subset of transition effects.

New features for Version 6.61: ( Updated on July 11, 2006)

1.Multi-album related bug fixed.

2.Showing audio encoding percentage status.

New features for Version 6.60: ( Updated on June 30, 2006)

1.Refined encoding engine improves the video quality.

2."complie folder error" bug fixed.

New features for Version 6.55: ( Updated on June 18, 2006)

1.Use ASPI driver when ANVSOFT Burning Engine is selected.

2.Support adding titles and credits when NO Theme is applied.

New features for Version 6.54: ( Updated on Jun 08, 2006)

1.Refined music encoder to support more DVD players.

2.Support setting DVD menu display duration.

3.New Previewing model according to DVD Menu Navigator setting.

New features for Version 6.52: ( Updated on Jun 02, 2006)

1.Support setting Pan&Zoom styles.

2.Support adjusting brightness, chromaticity and luminance.

3.Support selecting DVD menu as an option.

4.Add a new DVD burning engine. More DVD burners supported.

5.Fix bug related to anti-flickering option.

6.Fix bug when adding both Album theme and Pan&Zoom effects.

New features for Version 6.51: ( Updated on May 08,2006)

1.Support amazing Album Themes. Cool!

2.Support Titles and Credits for slideshow.

New features for Version 6.40: ( Updated on March 31, 2006 )

1.Cutomize transition effects and Pan&Zoom for each slide.

2.Support higher compatible DVD disc model.

3.Support more burning engines : DVD burning bug fixed.

New features for Version 6.32: ( Updated on December 25,2005 )

1.Fading In/Out for background music.

2.DVD Menu templates polished.

New features for Version 6.31: ( Updated on December 18,2005 )

1.Bugs related to DVD disc menus fixed.

2.More DVD Menu templates included.

New features for Version 6.23: ( Updated on December 12,2005 )

1.Copy the whole photo album by Pressing-down "CTRL" key and "Drag and Drop"

2.More DVD players supported.

New features for Version 6.22: ( Updated on December 01,2005 )

1.More DVD menu control models support.

2.Bugs fixed related to SVCD (Super Video CD) and VCD 2.0 Still Image.

3.More DVD players supported.

New features for Version 6.12: (Updated on Ocober 15,2005)

1.Bug related to SVCD output format fixed.

2.Bug related to registration for some users fixed.

New features for Version 6.10: (Updated on September 28,2005)

1.More options to synchronize background music with photo slideshow.

2.More DVD burners supported.

New features for Version 6.01: (Updated on September 08,2005)

1.Supports adding blank slide with desired background color.

2.Adds the Chapter feature for DVD playing.

3.Improved TV Cropping feature.

4.Supports adding any format extra files onto the DVD or CD disc to be burned.

5.Checking DVD disc size capability before burning.

6.Improved DVD Menu: Supports standard DVD Menu command.

New features for Version 5.30: (Updated on August 10,2005)

1.Add background music directly from music CD.

2.Add text Macro such as photo album name, photo file name, date, etc.

New features for Version 5.22: (Updated on August. 05,2005)

1.Batch Add photos to slideshows.

2.Play Photo Alubum with Full Sceen.

3.Drag and Drop music files to add background music to slideshow.

New features for Version 5.20: (Updated on July. 26,2005)

1.Support DVD, SVCD and VCD 2.0 as the output disc format.

2.Support Over 260 amazing transition effects.

3.More types of DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW disc supported.

4.Auto-adjust brightness of photos.

5.Support DirectDraw in the Preview window.

6.Support TIFF and PNG photo formats.

7.Encoding speed is increased by at least 30%.

8.Better Pan & Zoom effect.

9.Better anti-flickering filter.

DVD Photo Slideshow version 1.2 was released on March 15, 2003
DVD Photo Slideshow version 1.1 was released on January 5, 2003
DVD Photo Slideshow version 1.0 was released on December 8, 2002