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"The software makes it easy to share different formats of videos on iPod conveniently. I like the built-in menu templates, and i can edit the title. Moreover, i can add my favorite songs to the video clips."

-Amir Noor

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iPod Movie Maker - Encode home movies to MPEG-4

  • Cool! Transfer digital camcorder tapes directly into high quality MPEG4 format.
  • Easy! Show AVI, MPEG, WMV video files on iPod has never been simpler!
  • Amazing! Share your home videos on iPod Anytime, Anywhere!

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AnvSoft iPod Movie Maker transfers your digital camcorder tapes and various video files into high quality movie playable on iPod. It is a video editing and MPEG-4 video file converting software. With ANVSOFT iPod Movie Maker, you can capture video clips from your camcorder, add various video files, edit your home movies right on your computer and turn your digital media into memorable projects on iPod to share with family and friends.

It's so easy that anyone can use it - No need to learn to work with complicated software, AnvSoft iPod Movie Maker works in just a few quick steps and takes only minutes, even seconds!

AnvSoft iPod Movie Maker is the easiest and quickest way to turn your videos into high quality movies playable on iPod. It enables you to build your movie with a few simple drag-and-drops, delete bad shots and include only the best scenes and then export your movie to iPod playable movie files. You can even edit and combine popular file formats including AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG and many more. It transforms raw videos into professional-looking movies and convert them to MPEG4 format playable on iPod. This really comes in handy and saves a lot of time, when you want to create something truly unique from multiple media sources.

What iPod Movie Maker Can Do for You?

AnvSoft iPod Movie Maker : the world's simplest movie making software for iPod.

AnvSoft iPod Movie Maker is a one-stop DV to iPod software that helps you convert your videos into high quality movies playable on iPod. The intuitive step for step operation enables user easily import videos, arrange video clips, export videos to iPod playable movie files.

With this powerful Video to iPod software, you can:

1. Capture videos

The process of transferring video from your camcorder or other video sources to your computer is called capturing. When everything is ready to go, the video feed from your source device should be visible in the Preview Window. You can also add any existed AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG video files as the raw format videos.

2. Edit Movies

The Edit Step is where you arrange, edit and trim the video clips used in your project. In this step, you can apply fade in/fade out effects to the existing audio of a video clip, extract or split video, and adjust a clip's playback speed. You can also choose from a wide selection of video filters to apply to your clips.

3. Generate iPod playable Movies

Render your project into a video file format that is suitable for your audience or purpose. Then, export the rendered video file as MPEG4 format supported by most mobile devices such as iPod, PSP, mobile phone.

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