Key Features of AnvSoft Photo Manager

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"Anvosft Photo Manager allows me to easily optimize, manage, archive and present my entire photo collection. Your program is great. It gives me and my friends great pleasure."

-Gayle Haws

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Key Features of AnvSoft Photo Manager

AnvSoft Photo Manager enables you creatively organize, edit and share photos.

AnvSoft Photo Manager helps you creatively organize, edit and share photos. It's easy to import and organize photos with AnvSoft Photo Manager. With the powerful editing tools, you can rotate, crop and resize photos, adjust lightness, contrast and saturation, and more. You can add digital frame, create photo collage, Gif animation, IM display pictures, forum signatures, and more. You can print photos in both standard and custom sizes and email optimized photos.

  • Organizing photos

With AnvSoft Photo Manager, it's easy to import photos from digital camera, external devices, and photo discs. Photos can be stored in AnvSoft Photo Manager album or the file folder on your local computer.

You can create unlimited number of new albums to sort out the photos, so that you can find them any time with ease.

AnvSoft Photo Manager provides a variety of modes for previewing photos: simple thumbnails, thumbnails with detailed image info, large icon, small icon, file list, and sortable file list. You can also play slideshow to preview and enjoy the photos.

Whether you are professional or amateur, you can go pro with AnvSoft Photo Manager. You can examine the EXIF info and image property of the photos. A wide range of image formats can be associated with AnvSoft Photo Manager.

  • Editing photos

The basic editing tools can help you fix and polish photos. You can rotate, crop, and resize photos. Image lightness, contrast and saturation can be adjusted easily.
The color adjustment feature of AnvSoft Photo Manager is very powerful. You can refine photo color by different means, Levels, Histogram, Curve, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, Channel Mixer, Gamma and Equalize. Or you can use the auto-level function.

Lots of special effects are available for photo enhancement. The retouching tools enable you to remove red-eyes, make negative or old-film style pictures. Other effects include photo distortion, color swap, blur & noise effects, exposure, styles, and many more.

The batch processing feature makes it easy to edit hundreds of photos in a few clicks. You can batch-compress a whole folder of photos and convert them to other image formats. You can batch-rename all selected photos. And you can add watermark to photos in batch mode.

The Screen Capture wizard helps you easily print screen and edit the screenshots with the powerful AnvSoft Photo Manager editing tools.

  • Creating fun photos

The greatest feature of AnvSoft Photo Manager is the creating tools. Besides adding simple and classic digital frames to photos, you can also add magic masks, and create cover-style stickers, photo collages, greeting cards, Gif animation, buddy icons, IM display pictures, and slideshows. The graffiti and paintbrush allow you decorate photos in free style.

Adding digital frames. You can select card-like frames, wooden-style frames, romance frames, frames for kids, and many other frames. More frame templates are available for download on our website.

Create picture collages. To create picture collage with AnvSoft Photo Manager, you should choose one picture as background image or foreground image, and then add other pictures one by one. You can apply edge or mask effect to the picture, and adjust the size of the picture.

Making greeting cards. AnvSoft Photo Manager enables you to make DIY cards with your own photos and ideas. With AnvSoft Photo Manager, it's easy to create greeting cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, Valentine cards, thanksgiving cards, and more cards, just in the way you want it to be. And you can print the cards in both custom and standard size.

Creating executable slideshows. With AnvSoft Photo Manager, you can create executable photo slideshows with music and amazing transition effects. The slideshow will self-execute to display slides. No media player is needed.

Graffiti & Paintbrush. The Graffiti & Paintbrush tools allow you to add clip art props and more fun and free-style elements to photos.

Creating IM icons and web images. AnvSoft Photo Manager features creating apps for making IM icons and web images. Whether you want to create personalized AIM buddy icons, Yahoo Messenger display pictures, emotion icons, profile images for blog and forum, or animated banners for webpage, AnvSoft Photo Manager has the dedicated apps just for that purpose.

Beautifying your desktop. AnvSoft Photo Manager makes it easy to set any picture as desktop wallpaper or PC login background. And it's easy to create screensaver with AnvSoft Photo Manager.

Taking pictures & recording videos. If your computer has webcam connected, you can take pictures and record videos with the application integrated in AnvSoft Photo Manager. You can choose digital frames for the pictures you take. With this feature, you can now make more fun pictures and videos.

  • Sharing photos with the world

Print : With AnvSoft Photo Manager, you can print photos in both standard and custom sizes.

AnvSoft Photo Manager offers 21 types of standard print layouts. Using these default settings, you can print one photo one page, two photos in one page, print 6 inch 4R (6x4inch) or 8 inch 6R (8x6inch), or multiple photos in one page.

Custom print supports 1-5.0x3.5 inch, 2-5.0x3.5 inch, 3-29.5x29.0 inch, 4-5.0x3.5 inch, and 5-8.0x3.5 inch.

Email: AnvSoft Photo Manager can optimize photos fit to email via the Internet. If you have email client installed on local computer, AnvSoft Photo Manager will automatically prompt you to the email sending window with the photo attached.

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