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"A really great FLV player and converter. It does not just play FLV videos, but convert other formats and then display them with templates. I LOVE it!"

-Simon Rickard

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Web FLV Player Pro

Web FLV Player Pro is an ultimate solution for FLV flash videos. With Web FLV Player Pro, you can easily play FLV flash videos either on computer or internet, convert video clips into FLV flash videos, embed multiple FLV videos in a SWF player with a template, control video playing actions, insert supported objects including FLV, SWF, JPG image, HTML as a part of video or add overlay onto the playing videos, create amazing flash files for publishing to your website, or upload to go2album for embedding in various blogs and social networking sites.


flv player and converter
FLV Player and FLV Converter

Currently FLV flash video format is the most popular online video format, it's widely used by many online video sharing sites including YouTube, Google Video, Meta Cafe, Nico Video, Youku, etc. This FLV player allows you to play flash videos downloaded onto computer without any annoying buffering time. Online video with .flv extension can be also directly opened by this FLV player. This FLV player can play FLV flash videos directly, no other FLV encoder or flash development environment is needed. You can either use application menu or simply drag and drop FLV flash videos to play.

Web FLV Player Pro is also a FLV converter. It can convert other video formats including 3GP, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, RM, RMVB, VOB, WMV to FLV videos. This smart FLV converter will automatically recognize flash video files and show "completed" conversion state.

Play multiple flash videos
Play multiple flash videos easily

You can drag-and-drop multiple flash videos to this FLV player. It will automatically play the flash videos in order. You can move the FLV flash videos up and down as you like. Or double-click a certain video to play. If it's not a flash video, Web FLV Player Pro will convert videos to FLV flash video first. This FLV Player supports playing FLV flash video files under the original size, or double size, or full screen, very flexible.

Customize web FLV player
Customize style of web FLV player

With Web FLV Player Pro, you have the full control to customize the style of the flash video player. Control panel, slide color, button color, buffer slide color, time color, buffer background, etc can be fully customized. Control panel position can be either on the top or at the bottom of the flash video. You can also hide or show control panel as you like, or show control panel only when mouse hovers on. Time duration of the FLV flash videos can be also hiden.

control flv playing
Control FLV playing actions easily

With Web FLV Player Pro, you can easily control the playing actions of FLV flash videos. You can set buffer time before playing FLV flash videos. You can also decide whether to automatically play FLV flash videos at the beginning or repeat at the end.

customize video conversion
Customize video conversion as you like

With this FLV Converter, you can easily convert other video formats to FLV flash video, i.e. AVI to FLV, WMV to FLV, MP4 to FLV, RM to FLV, etc. You can set start time and stop time to convert any part of the original video to FLV. Video options including video bitrate, video size, video framerate and audio options including audio bitrate, audio samplerate, audio channel are available to meet your request.

edit video
Edit video property easily

With this FLV player, you can easily edit the property of the videos. Select a flash video and click Edit, then you can change video title and video description, add target URL and change the thumbnail of the flash videos as you like.

Take screenshot
Take screenshot

When videos are playing, you can click "Screen Shot" and a picture will be captured and saved in .jpg format. Click "Open Screen shot folder" to find the captured the pictures.

Inject FLV metadata
Inject FLV metadata

This FLV player and FLV converter can help you to inject FLV metadata so that your FLV flash videos published on website can be initialized quicker and smoother. Web FLV Player Pro can put the appropriate metadata in the header of the FLV flash videos.

Associate .flv files
Associate .flv files

You can use Web FLV Player Pro as your default flash video player by associating .flv files. Once .flv files is associated with this FLV player, you can double-click on any FLV flash videos and flash video will be automatically opened by Web FLV Player Pro.

Insert or add overlay
Insert or add overlay

You can insert FLV, SWF, JPG or HTML to playing video as a part of the video at any playing point and set duration for inserted objects. You can also add FLV, SWF, JPG, HMTL and text onto the video as advertisement or description and set duration and position.

Embed flash videos
Embed flash videos in a SWF player

If you want to embed multiple videos in your website with a playlist, Web FLV Player will be the best choice. Web FLV Player Pro can easily embed multiple FLV videos in a SWF player with a template which comes with a controllable playlist and a customizable theme. The playlist allows you to embed a series of videos within a SWF player without taking too much page space. You can easily play a certain video by choosing it in the playlist. The control panel of the theme gives you full control to customize the style of the player including color of panel background, buffer and time, HTML tile, load style, flash menu, sound volume etc. And you can decide how to play the videos by setting the playback actions, i.e. auto play, auto repeat, enable/disable link, etc.

In a word, this FLV Player and FLV converter gives you full control to customize every detail of the flash videos embed.

Publish flash videos to web
Publish flash videos to web

After you are satisfied with the customized template, you can publish flash videos to web. You can either upload the output folder to your own web server or upload to our free go2album server. Go2ablum is totally free for Web FLV Player Pro users. Once the flash videos are uploaded to go2album as a flash album, you can use the embed code provided by go2album to embed the videos in blogs and social networking sites including Myspace, Blogger, Xange, Vox, Orkut and more.

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